Saturday, 12 April 2014

OCC- Primary Pack- Swatches Galore!

Hey Everyone!
OCC or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are well known for their lip tars (not made with tarr). They are gluten, vegan and cruelty FREE! These lip products are super, highly and intensely pigmented (and yes, the three adjectives were necessary)!
They have a million different colors and they finally came out with an all star mini kit. This kit contains all the primary colors (blue, red and yellow) as well and black and white. With these colors in your arsenal, you can LITERALLY DO ANY LIP COLOR YOU WANT! The possibilities are endless!
These lip tars have a kind of mild minty flavor that goes away when dry. They go on super shiny but dry down to a matte finish. They stain the lips, and last a long time :) This pack also comes with a full size lip brush, which is the perfect tool for applying this product. 
You only need a small dot of the color to cover your lips and a pin point amount of another color to mix! I would suggest using a lip liner with these colors because they do tend to feather at the lip line.
This primary pack is sold at or (where I got it). This primary pack sells for $35 and is perfect for makeup artists :) (or for those of you curious and adventurous girls and boys). A regular full sized lip tar is $20, and you'll never run out! :)

Here are the swatches (I had a lot of fun making different lips were so in pain after this swatchfest, but it was so worth it!)

The Pack comes with a Red (NSFW), Blue (RX), Yellow (Traffic), White (Feathered) and Black (Tarred)

I wrote down each combination of colors I used to create each lip (so I and you would know for future reference- W2 refers to me putting double the white to further lighten the color)

Let's start with the WARM colors :)

Now on to COOL colors!

I was partial to the mint ;)

Hope you enjoyed!
Let me know your favorite combo! 


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