Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Top 10 Drugstore Products!

Hey guys, thanks for dropping by again! 
This time, it's all about drugstore products and which ones I can't really live without!

As some of you may know, I am quite fond of drugstore products. I always feel like people are so snobby about using drugstore makeup- sure there are some duds out there, but I've experienced some crappy high end products as well. I have found some gems at the drugstore and the ones I will be showing you are some of the best (in my opinion). I use a lot of these products in my professional kit (new ones obviously) because they are tried and true!

So let's have a look, shall we?

First up, is my beloved Fit Concealer from Maybelline. I use shade #15 which is the palest with a pinky undertone. This creamy, light weight formula is perfect for concealing and it's something I use everyday (when I wear makeup, of course). I highly recommend these!

2) Although The Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is fairly new to drugstores, I put this on my list because it captured by attention, in all the right ways. I have combo skin, which means I have an oily t-zone and some drier place around my face. This matte foundation delivers baby! It's a thicker cream like foundation that blends smoothly onto the skin, leaving a matte, perfected base. It's a medium coverage foundation, which means it conceals what needs to be concealed without looking like a mask. I make sure to properly prep my skin with moisturizer and then apply this baby one section at a time, buffing it into my skin for an airbrushed appearance. Well worth it if you suffer from an oily t-zone, because it stays put all day :)

3) This ELF complexion powder was discovered on my trip to the US last summer. I bought it, tried it on and haven't looked back since (and even bought a back up since I already hit pan!)
This powder is super smooth and doesn't cake up when you apply it to the face (multiple times a day). This powder slightly evens out my skin tone and sets my makeup perfectly, leaving me shine free for hours. The yellow and green powders counteract red in the skin and the blue and pink help to brighten :)

4) The rimmel scandaleyes waterproof 24/7 pencils are the No seriously! They are creamy at first but set fairly quickly for a smudge free mess. Totally in love and are $6-8 each! I love the price ;)

5) The wet'n'wild color icon palettes seriously pack a punch of PIGMENTATION! These eyeshadows are buttery smooth and come in a variety of different combos. I'm obsessed with these two; for a warmer toned eye, 'walking on eggshells' is perfect. For a cooler eye 'sweet as candy' takes the cake (haha!). These neutral shades are perfect for everyday and I could go on and on and on!

6) The Maybelline color tattoos are pretty awesome in my opinion :) Barely beige is the one I use on a regular bases. The stay on all day and don't crease and are perfect bases or great on their own. I will say that it dries out after 6 months, but that's about the time you should through it out anyways ;)

7) This physicians formula eye booster in ultra black is the best liquid liner I've used. It does the job perfectly and is beyond easy! I always suggest it to clients and friends because it works, and it works well :)

8) This brow pencil seriously deserves some recognition. It's from Essence, which means it's $1.99 I REPEAT $1.99!!!!! The color is perfect for my brows and it stays on all day without budging, so that's a plus. P.s it also comes with a little brow brush, which is essential when filling in your brows with a pencil ;)

9) The Maybelline One by One volume express mascara is seriously HOLY GRAIL. I've tried a LOT of mascara's and I keep going back to this one. Tried and true baby, 'nuff said.

10) The last two I've combined because I just couldn't decide... plus they're both it's not cheating right? :)
The Milani color statement lipsticks are uber creamy and long lasting, smell like watermelon candy and come in an assortment of beautiful shades.
The Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipsticks are oh so gorgeous and super beautiful on the lips.
You MUST try these!!!

That concludes my Top 10 Drugstore Products. Hope you gained a little more information from this and will check some of these out! These gems are sure to impress you :)


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dark Lips, Oh Lorde!

We're on eachother's team, yeah!
Inspired by the off beat, mega talent Lorde- This makeup look embodies the artist and all the funky, cool and confident appeal she has.

Makeup Products Used:

Face- MAC pro long wear concealer in NC15, MAC studio fix powder in C2, Milani baked blush in luminoso, subtle highlight from MAC's mineralize skin finish in lightscapade and ELF's bronzer duo in turks and caicos and ELF complexion powder in cool.

Eyes- Brown pencil from Essence in 02 brown, Urban Decay Naked Basics, Sonia Kashiuk eye on neutral palette in 02, Maybelline gel liner in blackest black and Mabelline one by one mascara in blackest black.

Lips- Prestige lipliner in plum brown, MAC's Heroine and Wet N Wild's 919B Vampt it Up/Style Vamp

Hope You Like :)
Thanks for dropping by again!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Little Spring Fashion Haul!

Hey and welcome back :)
So I've never done one of these (and for good reason) but I decided to do a little fashion 'haul'. For those of you who don't understand the term haul, it essentially means I went shopping for bits and bobs here and there and would like to show you what I have accumulated. Usually I just post an outfit of the day here and there, but I woke up this morning feeling a little creative. Ever have those times where you take a look at your closet and want to try everything and model it in front of a mirror? No? Well then maybe that's just me! Brings me back to the times I used to dress up in my mother's dresses when I was a little girl! It's just fun to dress up and attempt to look cute once in a while. So here it goes!

Ok, let me preface that all these pics were taken without a stitch of makeup except for one of my fave MAC lippes, a limited edition shade called Daddy's Little Girl. I swatched it for you all in my last blog post about orchid lips ;)

Alright, first category is dresses! And let me start by saying I hardly EVER wear dresses. I think last time I wore a full dress was my freaking Prom about 10 years ago :O
I've never been fully comfortable with my body to wear a dress being plus sized and all AND the fact that I'm a tall girl. Most dresses are so short on me that they're basically tops and not dresses.
Firts dress is the cutest little silky type material that is soft yet clingy. But not clingy in a bad way. This dress will definitely need to be paired with shorts or capri leggings because it's bordering on too short for my comfort. Number one reason I bought it was because of the cute little kitty print...I'm such a sucker ;) This dress was from winners and it was $20.
The second dress is from Target and it was about $25. I bought it because it's so soft, comfortable and long enough to be worn without capri leggings...although i still might wear with little shorts. If a brisk wind comes..i'm screwed. Better safe than sorry am I right?

Next up is jackets! The first jacket I got is from Ardene...and I'm kind of ashamed to say it..but whatever! It was 75% off so it ended up being $15. A steal if you ask me. This jacket is soft and perfect for spring and early fall; when the weather is mild but a jacket is most definitely needed. It has 'pleather' arms which give it such a slick and cool feeling. I feel like a sexy badass bitch in both these jackets. The second one I got 50% off at Forever 21 and I love it. A pretty sweet acid wash stiff demim jacket with a furry leopard print panel on the back. Let's face it...this jacket was meant to be mine. 

Ok so last but not least, we have two of the cutest, prettiest and lovely...tops? Ok, so the first one is from H&M and it was about $15 if I'm not mistaken. I've been obsessed with polka dots and when I found this light weight, breathable top, I just basically died. It's so cute I can't even handle it and it dips a little lower in the back covering your bum. Perfect!
Last but not least is something I never thought of trying on, let alone buying! It was $8 on sale at Sirens, a store i NEVER go to but they have dirt cheap items there so I figured why not (I'm on a seriously low budget anyways). So I saw this scarf like material with fringe and flowers and decided to, what the hell, try it on. I immediately fell in love with it! Made me feel ultra sexy and the color of the flowers looked awesome with my dark reddish brown hair :)

I'm always on the search for new and unique pieces (usually black, haha) to add to my wardrobe. I'll keep you updated here and there when I find some awesome items and deals ;)

Until then, thanks for reading! Much love to you all!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Radiant Orchids and Electric Purples!

Hey guys, welcome back :)

Pantone named the color of the year as 'Radiant Orchid' and seeing as I'm a big fan of magenta pinks and bright purples, I decided to share with you all my favorite purple and orchid lipsticks. So get ready for a lot of selfies swatching each color :)
Oh and p.s I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos (just a little bit of concealer under my eyes, good lighting and of course, the lipsticks).

So let's get started with the first batch!
First up is Maybelline's Neon Baby Lips in Berry Bomb. It's a darker purple in the tube but swatches quite sheer, offering a light wash of purple for those girls who want a purple tint with out the BAM IN YOUR FACE!
Next we have Rimmel's Lasting Finish Colour Rush in I Want Candy. First of all, let's talk about the smell. It's like opening a package of mini eggs- vanilla cupcake yumminess! This color is a bright pinky magenta and offers a gorgeous stain.
Third lippy is the Maybelline color whisper in Mad for Magenta. It's a silky, moisturizing lip product. I would say is a more red toned pinky magenta and it's so flattering :)

In this corner we have the limited edition lipstick from MAC called Daddy's Little Girl. It's literally the bomb dot com. So glad I got this. It's a true blue toned Magenta and it lasts forever and is just plain gorgeous!
Next up is MAC's Rebel. This cranberry shade has hints of purple in it, which I thought fit well into this list of lippies!
And here we have the 'piece de resistance'; MAC's Heroine. I can't even with this shade. It's such a GORGEOUS purple and it has a pink tone in it which makes so wearable and stunning! It's not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely one of my all time favorite lipsticks (right next to MAC's candy yum yum).
The last shade is Maybelline's Lavender Voltage and it's pretty much a dupe for Heroine. It's creamy as opposed to Heroine's Matte finish and it has just a teeny amount of blue tone. Still super stunning and bold <3

Hope you enjoyed this Selfie Swatch Fest!
Don't be afraid to wear purple- it comes in many different tones and finishes!
Experiment and don't ever be afraid to rock a bold lip ;)


Saturday, 1 March 2014


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Love you guys! 


My Makeup Storage!

I wouldn't consider myself to be the most organized person in the world. In fact, I would say it's the exact opposite. Even though I try and stay organized, it never stays that way. It's absolutely frustrating! 
I've been watching a few beauty guru's on YouTube and every so often one would come out with a 'how I store my makeup" video. All super organized and beautiful! I wanted my makeup room to look like that and it didn't...far from it. 

After watching one too many of those, I looked at my room, cried a bit and got to work. Literally HOURS of organizing, throwing away and figuring out where the hell things were going to go and on a super small budget. I ventured off to the dollar store and bought $30.00 worth of plastic containers and organizers and finally got everything under control!

This is how my makeup desk looks like! I got the desk back in high school (so it's pretty old) I got the little 3 container boxes from the dollar store and the larger 'tree' from target recently. This is where I store the makeup and hair products I frequently use.

Here is a more in depth look at what's inside my makeup containers!
       Top Row: mascaras, brow products, concealers, primers, bronzers and blushes 
       Bottom Row: eyeliners, liquid and gel liners, glitters, eye primers and bases, eyeshadow trios and quads 
       and single eyeshadows.

Top Row: MAC lipsticks, drugstore lipsticks I wear often, Lipstick crayons and balms
Bottom Row: Lip balms and lip liners, lip glosses and liquid lipsticks.

This is the inside of my desk is where I store all my powders, highlighters and blushes.
My eyeshadow palettes, hair brushes and a little bin of falsies!

This 10 piece drawer set was purchased at Michael's craft store. I store all the makeup I don't use on an everyday bases.
First row from left: The drawer set, first drawer has all my electronic devices (usb, camera charger, digital camera, cases and etc). Second drawer has my makeup brushes I need to clean for freelancing!
Second Row: Unopened makeup (like mascara's, eye primers and lip products. Second drawer has some eyeshadow palettes, foundations, powders and my Make Up For Ever flash palette.
Third Row: Skin care products like creams, SPFs, lip balms and powders. Second one has all my eyeshadow palettes from BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents. Third drawer has all my unopened false eyelashes I will use for jobs.
Fourth Row: facial cleaning products like wipes, makeup remover and samples and the last drawer has face painting paints, sparkles and etc for more fantasy looks or children's parties!

I also have another storage unit in my room and I have hair products, some other eye shadows, my theater and special effects makeup and all the other random makeup bits one can needs such as spongers, wipes, cottom swabs and other necessary products to maintain a clean and sanitary makeup practice!
Also not shown is my freelancing kit, which obviously has more makeup in there that I especially use for clients and sometimes on my self. Rest assured, I am always 100% sanitary and I clean my products after every job :)

And there we have it ladies and gentleman! PHEW! That was a long one! Hope you enjoy :)
Thanks for dropping by!

Katy Perry "Dark Horse" Makeup :)

So everyone and their mother knows what a HUGE Katy fan I am. I especially love ALL her makeup looks; she always looks so beautiful, polished and flawless. Her main makeup artist, Jake Bailey is seriously one of my biggest inspirations. He makes Katy look flawless without looking overly beat (as in highlight and contouring a la max). Not that there is anything wrong, because I love me a good HAC job haha. 
In the Dark Horse video, Bailey created a modern graphic Cleopatra inspired makeup look on Katy. Combining purples and golds and a lot of sparkle and eyeliner- The creation is an epic flawless graphic eye.
And here's my recreation ;)

Here are the products I used to create this look :)

ohhhh P.S Jake Bailey liked my photo on instagram *happy dance*