Thursday, 23 May 2013

NYX Cosmetics HAUL: Show and Tell!

About a month ago, I was advised that the Cherry Culture website was having a 40% sale on all NYX products. I really wanted to try some blushes and lip products so I randomly picked out some shades that i thought would be to my liking. I got three blushes, three lip liners, one soft matte lip cream and the coveted beige lipgloss.

So let's talk blushes ($8.99 CAN)
I purchased: Bourjois Pig, Taupe and Pinky Blush

Bourjeois Pink is a soft peachy pink color- more on the pink side and warm toned with a subtle sheen.
I purchased Taupe blush not for use as a blush but for a contouring product; and believe me and Nikkie Tutorials, this works for fair-medium skin tones! A subtle matte neutral taupe shade, perfect for accentuating those cheekbones :)
Pinky is very true to it's name! It's a medium cool toned pink and has just a nice sheen to it. The perfect pink blush :)

Next stop, Lip Liners ($3.99 CAN)
I have a few other NYX shades that I purchased before, so purchasing more was a no brainer- they glide on so effortlessly and come in amazing shades!

Pumpkin Spice is a shimmery warm orangey/red shade. Thought it was going to be matte, but it's still a great shade.
Sand Pink is a nice true pink shade perfect under many different lipsticks!
Nude Pink is literally that- a nudey/ pink shade. Perfect for those pink lipsticks or nude lipsticks.

 Up next, Lip Creams ($8.99 CAN)

 NYX Soft Matte Cream is unlike any lip product I've ever tried! It's like a lipstick and lipbalm in one. It is completely matte and has a VERY silky feel! It's very comfortable on the lips and it isn't drying. The shade I picked out is Addis Ababa- a fuschia color, quite bright and totally my color ;)

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream isn't my favorite texture. It's quite thick, slightly drying and doesn't smell as yummy as the other lip products; It definitely more like a lipgloss/lipstick product. Because of it's opaque texture, I like to dab it on my lips and just rub instead of applying it with it's doe foot applicator. The color I picked is Candy Land and it's a medium warm pink shade and is a great color for every day wear.

                                            (Addis Ababa, Beige, Candy Land & Marroon)

And Finally, Lipglosses ($7.99 CAN)

So I got ANOTHER Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige...and it's the opposite of Beige! Worst name ever, but whatever. This neutral pink gloss goes on like a dream, has great staying power, shines really nice WITHOUT the sticky feel and has amazing color payoff! OH and it smells like cherry bubble gum- YUM!
The second one I got, Maroon looks SO dark in the packaging, almost black! I can't believe it's a Mega Shine Lipgloss because this shade is so opaque and looks pretty sexy on the lips. Looks like Rebel from MAC.
I like to apply this product with a lip brush because it is pretty glossy (non-sticky) and is SO pigmented!

Overall, I'm super impressed with these products and I can't wait to start using these to death <3

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Product Rave For Eyebrows!

OK, so I was looking through my makeup collection and I came across my Maybelline 24 Color Tattoo in 35 Tough as Taupe. I love using this MATTE shade as an eyeshadow base and sometimes even for a contour; it's an amazing product and you can use it for just about everything, which brings me to my next point!
I decided to use this product to fill in my brows! I was inspired to do so because I saw another YouTuber use a MAC paintpot to fill in her brows. I searched through my collection to find something similar and came across my color tattoo! It's the only neutral matte shade in the collection and it's literally the perfect shade for filling in my brown haired eyebrows! I'm just so happy to have discovered a new way to wear this product and the bonus is that because it's a color tattoo- it stays on all day and doesn't budge! :D

Watch My Video on this product rave!