Thursday, 24 April 2014

Urban Decay's Electric Palette

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Today, I want to introduce you to the new palette to come from Urban Decay called "Electric".
Unlike the famous naked palette's, this one features 10 bright and intense pressed pigments. This palette features pigments that are both smooth and rich  and can be used on the eyes, face, lips and hair!

The packaging is STUNNING! I practically fell out of my seat when I saw this palette. 

Let's talk about the first row of pigments.

Revolt is a beautiful silver pigment. It' really pretty as a highlight and the texture is more glittery and more flaky than the rest.
Gonzo is a bright sky blue with a satin finish
Slowburn is a orange based red that sure packs one hell of a punch and has a satin finish.
Savage is bright matte blue based pink and is the most chalky shade of the palette. Perfect for lips or hair!
Fringe is an intense and silky teal color with a shimmery satin finish.

Chaos is a ridiculously intense electric blue with a satin to matte finish. This shade has the most fallout, but we can definitely look past that.
Jilted is a warm purple with a tint of pink. It has a satin finish and reflects blue in the light.
Urban is an intense cool purple with a satin/metallic finish
Freak is a stunning lime green with a shimmer finish
Thrash is a chartreuse green/yellow. It can look more yellow with a white base underneath. It has a shimmery satin finish.

This palette also comes with a synthetic, double ended brush.

This palette is labelled a 'pressed pigment' palette because these colors are in their true, intense form. The 4 shades slowburn, savage, jilted and urban are apparently not safe for use on the eyes. These colors contain a red pigment which may irritate those with sensitive eyes. Use at your own discretion.

For this eye look I used the shadows 'naked' and 'WOS' from the naked basics palette in my crease for definition. I then used 'freak' all over my eyelid. On the inner corners I used 'thrash' and 'revolt'. In the outer corner, I used 'fringe' and took it up slightly into the crease as well. On my lower lash line, I used a purple liner and put 'urban' shadow on the outer corner and 'freak' for the first half of my bottom lash line. With 'urban', I winged out my bottom, extended the lash line.

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  1. is very cool, nice colors!!!