Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Liz Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Inspired Makeup
Eye color modified in photoshop
Makeup and photos by me.

I Love Lucy!

Me as Lucille Ball
Makeup and photos by me.
Color of eyes and hair modified in photoshop.

Lavender locks and lips edited in photoshop :)
makeup and photos by me.

Sherri- Character Makeup

make and photo by me.

I'm going to use this blog to post pictures of makeup on myself and on others and my process as a novice makeup artist :)

A little bit about me!

I am an aspiring makeup artist and photographer.
I believe that makeup should be used to accentuate and enhance one's own beauty as well as using it to express oneself creatively.
I specialize in beauty makeup for the everyday and for special glammed up occasions, however I am also able to apply Halloween makeup, and specialty makeup- nothing is ever too easy or too hard for me!
My name is Caroline, I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec Canada and I've been obsessed with makeup since I first saw my mom applying her lipstick.
My passion for makeup and the arts led me to pursue a creative and artistic learning endeavors; I received my Bachelors degree of Fine Arts major Art Education from Concordia University.

There is not one day that goes by where I'm not doing something artistic, whether it's: taking photographs, drawing, painting or creating new makeup looks, my passion is most definitely in this field.
I chose the name CarolinaCupcake because a) Carolina is my nickname and I love it :) and b) I've always been obsessed with cupcakes; cute, small and delicious. If someone wasn't feeling good I would bake cupcakes for them in hopes of cheering them up! They are pretty, colorful and fun to decorate, just like a blank canvas- I feel that makeup, painting, and decorating all involve one thing- creativity and the love of color and blending; transcending boundaries!