Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Top 7 Waterproof Makeup Essentials for the Pool!

So here's the thing. When I go the pool in the summer, I don't leave the house with a face full of makeup because that's just not me! However, leaving the house completely bare faced isn't my cup of tea either. 

I've compiled a short list of my top 10 essential waterproof makeup products I put on before going to the pool for the day. I'm not saying these will stay on if you're planning on jumping in the water several times or doing a hardcore amount of aqua fitness but from all the times I have gone to the pool, these products have done their job and have not let me down in the slightest! So here it comes!

1) First thing I start of with is my Neutrogena Facial Sunscreen SPF 45. This protects my face without causing me breakouts :)

2) Maybelline The Rocket Volume mascara (the waterproof version obviously!) This mascara is NUTS! The original formula is so black and stays on all day without flaking and is even extremely hard to take off at night- the waterproof version is the exact same, except the staying power is exceptionally more difficult to take off. Keeps the curl all day even after acting like a mermaid all day! ;)

3) Now, the one thing I desperately need is concealer. I've recently been using MAC's Pro-long wear concealer in NC20 and it hides my dark circles and stays put all day long, even in the water. At the end of the day i'll see a little bit of cakey-ness due to the water, but it's not super noticeable and definitely something I can live with!

4) Because I am a blushohaulic, I will put some before I leave the house. I will also carry a lipstick with me in my purse and apply some to my cheeks if I'm lacking some color and to perk myself up...and perhaps to wow those cute lifeguards? yes, no? *sigh* I digress...
A blog post of my favorite summer Lippies will be added soon, so stay tuned for that list ;)

5) For lips, I like to wear my favorite Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm in cherry me. It has an spf of 20, is moisturizing as sin, and gives me a red tint to my lips; The trifecta!

6) Ok, probably the most important to me is BROWS! Holy smokes do I love my filled in brows! It just makes the world of difference! to ensure they stay on all day, I use the Maybelline color tattoo in Tough as Taupe! I apply a small amount with an angled brush and have perfect brows all day long...YAY!

7) *BONUS*If i'm feeling extra fancy that day, I'll sport some eyeshadow. The ones I like to use are the Maybelline 24 Hour color tattoos in bad to the bronze (bronzey taupe), inked in pink(soft shimmery pink) and barely branded (a soft shimmery champagne color). These literally stay on all day for me and just a thin layer over the lid really make a world of difference to the overall look.

So there we have it! My top 7 products (including a sunscreen) that I wear at the pool!
It's not much but it's enough for me to feel confident leaving the house without feeling like I'm overdoing it at the pool.

*p.s I'm not sponsored by Maybelline. I'm just kind of obsessed with some of their products because they work like a dream and stay on all day, no rhyme or reason to this; I just love them.* 

Hope these tips helped! All the products can be found at the drugstore, and if you have any suggestions for other waterproof products you can't live without let me know!

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