Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Essence Cosmetics Haul!

Ok, so I recently discovered Essence Makeup at my local Pharmaprix and I went a little nuts! I literally want everything this brand has to offer because;
a) It's dirt cheap and let's face it I'm FOREVER on a budget.
b) The products are actually great quality! and 
c) I'm a sucker for all things drugstore..I'm no makeup snob! If it works I'm using it on me and shoving it in my makeup kit ;)


On to the Haul we goooooo!

The first thing I bought was the I <3 Extreme crazy volume mascara! It really does the job. It's kind of a dupe for the Benefit they're real mascara because of the brush- the formula is less wet than Benefits and I actually like this one a hell of a lot more than Benefits...I might actually be the only one in the world who thinks so, lol! It's $4.99 CAN

Next thing I purchases are these non-sticky and sweet tasting lipglosses! I'm not one for lipglosses, but these ones are so pretty and non-sticky that I just had to have them and at $2.99 CAN you can't really go wrong ;) Nude Candy is a very soft pinky creamy color, Sparkling Papaya is a coral-orange with crome sparkles shining blue/purple/silver (SO gorgeous on the lips). Red Blosson is a deeper orange red, kid of looks like blood haha, but with a bronzed skin this would look good over red lipstick to give the lips some dimension!

I also got this glossy lipbalm- i enjoyed the color and it's just a pretty gloss without a super sticky feel! I believe this one was $1.99 CAN

This next product I've seen being talked about and used a lot by YouTube girls everywhere and it's the clear lash and brow gel. Standard clear mascara that I use to tame my brows! Works well and it definitely rivals the Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara that I use religiously on my brows. It was around $2.99 CAN

They had eyebrow pencils, so I decided to get one in 'Brown'. I did not regret it. I goes on waxy and it's not too soft which is important for staying power! This one was around $1.99 CAN

Next stop- Lipliner! I figured I'd give this a try and it was on sale at the time for $0.99 CAN!!!!
I got it in Nude, and it's a pretty nude with a hint of pink/peach not brown :)

Another great find is this tiny tube of waterproof liquid liner! It comes with a felt tip applicator, however, it's not stiff or too loose- it's actually quite perfect. Makes application quite easy. It's the blackest black and it didn't crack (which some waterproof liquid liners tend to do!) $2.99 CAN

I bought a fun colored sharperner for $0.99 CAN- it has a small and bigger hole for any pencil and is pretty standard :)

Last and final product is their 16 hour concealer. I mean 16 hour staying power really?? I've tried it for a week straight now and the consistency is pretty creamy and easily blended (if blended right away). It provides medium coverage and it doesn't crease like crazy! The only downside is that it comes in two pale colors. Good for us pale girls, not so much for any skin tone above NC/NW 20

Swatch from left to right: Brown eyebrow pencil, waterproof liquid liner and nude lipliner!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post!
if you have any questions, leave them down below!
Love you all <3
xo Caroline

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