Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Rimmel London Lipstick Collection! (Review and Swatches!)

Ok, so I think it is fair to say that my FAVORITE lipsticks at the drugstore are from Rimmel London! Here are some reasons why I love them :)

1) They are inexpensive- Between $5 and $8CAN at the drugstore and, as I've established in the past that works well for my budget :)
2) They have an amazing color selection, many different finishes, textures and different packaging as well.
3) They have a distinctive smell, kind of like perfume... but not grandmother smelling or so offensive that it makes you gag when it reaches your lips *ahem, like the maybelline ones*. The new Kate lipsticks have a watermelon smell and it's actually amazing, so that's definitely a bonus! 

4) I'm extremely attracted to the bright purple packaging- it's so cute! And the new Kate packaging is sleek and pretty as well.
5) They have great staying power and don't fade into a nasty mess which is, you know, nice. All the lipsticks, no matter what the finish are extremely moisturizing ;)

I have 15 lippies to show you, so let's get started!

Lasting Finish
The first set of Lipsticks come in a sleek dark plum packaging with a metallic ring where the tube of lipstick is stored. The older packaging is all plastic which is nice as well but the new packaging is nicer (in my opinion).
006 Pink Blush which is a creamy mid toned pink- perfect for everyday
038 In Vogue is actually one of the first lippies I bought from Rimmel. It's a mega intense bright Reddish Pink. Creamy finish, great if you want a super bold lip.
082 Heavenly is a muted mauve. It's also creamy- definitely not my favorite color, but it's nice color to have if you like purple but don't want anything super crazy.
The last swatch on the bottom right is called Nostalgia and it's a creamy pinky peach color. Really nice on the lips.
I believe Heavenly and Nostalgia were limited addition because they are not offered on the site.


The Moisture Renew Lipsticks have my FAVORITE packaging ever or any brand. I mean the color is unique and so cute- i'm obsessed!

700 Nude Delight is the perfect peachy nude. Looks great on the lips and doesn't wipe them out completely. Perfect staple
800 Pink Star I bought because I was obsessed with Seventeen back in the day and they would always have this color on their models and in a review so I decided to get it. Not my fave texture because it's somewhat frosty and frosty is never a good look. However this baby pink color is workable and it's not so atrocious that you look like a walking 80's poster.
160 Rose Passion is a warm toned red lipstick with a hint of orange.
340 Lily Extase is a nice cool toned fuchsia
320 Funtime Fuchsia is an even cooler toned fuchsia with a duo chrome finish- it has some purple/blue reflects in it- really pretty on the lips :)


These Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss have amazing staying power and stain the lips! All cream finishes
02 is a cool toned Fuchsia (yes I own a lot of these colors) but this one is pretty intense, and again the lasting power is great.
08 is a Nude Pink for those who hate nude shades and want some pinky color, this is perfect.
10 is a kick ass cool toned red! super pigmented color that is the best of both worlds- Red and Pink :)
12 is an orange red- pretty straightforward. Great color payoff like the others, a nice orange :)


These Kate Lipsticks are Matte but are not the least bit drying which is perfect. These lipsticks smell like watermelon yummy!!
101 is a pretty muted pink, great for those that want baby pink lips without looking like a barbie :)
102 is a brighter version of 101, more of a light coral pink. Gorgeous

Thank you for reading! Hope this inspires you to go try some Rimmel Lipsticks! They're my favorite for a reason; Great color payoff, staying power and always moisturizing never drying :) 

XO Caroline

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