Monday, 30 September 2013

MINI Haul! Forever 21, MAC and Bath and Body Works!

Hey Guys!
So I decided to treat myself a few days ago and went shopping :) I kind of have a shopping addiction and I try to stay away from the shops but sometime I can't help it!
I mainly went to the mall to purchase MAC's Riri Woo from the new Rihanna <3's MAC Fall collection! The packaging is absolutely insanely beautiful; rose gold and light bascially has my name written all over it *sigh*. I wanted to get Riri Woo because it's essentially Ruby Woo but maybe one or two tones darker. but HELLO, the packaging people!! I can't even deal <3 I also got a new Studio Fix powder foundation (Holy Grail) in NC25 ;)

Next stop, Bath and Body Works! I was never really into candles before because I found the smell to be always over powering and nauseating to be honest however, in the summer I purchased a big sized three wick candle named 'Cotton'. This candle literally smells like fresh laundry and I die every time I light it!
So i walked in to the store and OF COURSE everything is fall themed and smelling like pumpkin spice and all things warm and cozy so I gave in and bought 3 mini candles for $10.
The ones I chose are: Pumpkin Caramel Latte (so yummy), Farmstand Apple (apple picking, apple juice, deliciously yummy) and Bergamot Woods (manly cologne...extra yum).

And finally I stopped by Forever 21. I literally cannot go there WITHOUT purchasing something. It's a problem people!
I browsed the store, wanting everything if I were a millionaire, but alas I'm I tried on a few things and ended up leaving with *SHOCKER* two cream colored sweaters. I mean, it's always all black everything with me, but these sweaters were SO CUTE and comfy I just couldn't say no ;)

Thanks for reading! Until next time <3

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