Thursday, 23 May 2013

NYX Cosmetics HAUL: Show and Tell!

About a month ago, I was advised that the Cherry Culture website was having a 40% sale on all NYX products. I really wanted to try some blushes and lip products so I randomly picked out some shades that i thought would be to my liking. I got three blushes, three lip liners, one soft matte lip cream and the coveted beige lipgloss.

So let's talk blushes ($8.99 CAN)
I purchased: Bourjois Pig, Taupe and Pinky Blush

Bourjeois Pink is a soft peachy pink color- more on the pink side and warm toned with a subtle sheen.
I purchased Taupe blush not for use as a blush but for a contouring product; and believe me and Nikkie Tutorials, this works for fair-medium skin tones! A subtle matte neutral taupe shade, perfect for accentuating those cheekbones :)
Pinky is very true to it's name! It's a medium cool toned pink and has just a nice sheen to it. The perfect pink blush :)

Next stop, Lip Liners ($3.99 CAN)
I have a few other NYX shades that I purchased before, so purchasing more was a no brainer- they glide on so effortlessly and come in amazing shades!

Pumpkin Spice is a shimmery warm orangey/red shade. Thought it was going to be matte, but it's still a great shade.
Sand Pink is a nice true pink shade perfect under many different lipsticks!
Nude Pink is literally that- a nudey/ pink shade. Perfect for those pink lipsticks or nude lipsticks.

 Up next, Lip Creams ($8.99 CAN)

 NYX Soft Matte Cream is unlike any lip product I've ever tried! It's like a lipstick and lipbalm in one. It is completely matte and has a VERY silky feel! It's very comfortable on the lips and it isn't drying. The shade I picked out is Addis Ababa- a fuschia color, quite bright and totally my color ;)

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream isn't my favorite texture. It's quite thick, slightly drying and doesn't smell as yummy as the other lip products; It definitely more like a lipgloss/lipstick product. Because of it's opaque texture, I like to dab it on my lips and just rub instead of applying it with it's doe foot applicator. The color I picked is Candy Land and it's a medium warm pink shade and is a great color for every day wear.

                                            (Addis Ababa, Beige, Candy Land & Marroon)

And Finally, Lipglosses ($7.99 CAN)

So I got ANOTHER Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige...and it's the opposite of Beige! Worst name ever, but whatever. This neutral pink gloss goes on like a dream, has great staying power, shines really nice WITHOUT the sticky feel and has amazing color payoff! OH and it smells like cherry bubble gum- YUM!
The second one I got, Maroon looks SO dark in the packaging, almost black! I can't believe it's a Mega Shine Lipgloss because this shade is so opaque and looks pretty sexy on the lips. Looks like Rebel from MAC.
I like to apply this product with a lip brush because it is pretty glossy (non-sticky) and is SO pigmented!

Overall, I'm super impressed with these products and I can't wait to start using these to death <3

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